Dental movies are one of the most entertaining and influential movies for a long time. These movies are filled with knowledge, comedy and action-packed. Some of these movies also offer valuable life lessons which are much needed by the younger generation. “Dental movies are a reminder to patients that they should visit the dentist” – Dr. Bruce – Auslander Dental. Check out the five best dental movies below:


  1.    The Whole Nine Yards: Let us put this movie at the beginning of the list because of several reasons, first being the cast. Fans favorite Mathew Perry plays the role of a dentist who is facing various problems like debt, a bad marriage and even a threat of assassination. It also stars Bruce Willis who plays the role of the assassin. They both embark on an adventure with several twists and turns. It is a must-watch.


  1.    Horrible Bosses: This movie stars another fans favorite actress, Jennifer Anniston, who takes on the cape of a horrible boss whose only goal is to cause problems for her employee, who is played by Charlie Day.


  1.    Little Shop of Horrors: An alien, carnivore plant who likes to sing and dance may be the main intended attraction of the movie, but it was nothing in front of the sadistic dentist portrayed by Steve Martin.


  1.    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Johnny Depp portraying Willy Wonka, the owner of a multinational and strange chocolate factory and his past involving the restrictions made by his father who was a dentist. How can this be not on any list?


  1.    The Hangover: Finally the movie which needs no introduction. This movie shows how people with simple jobs like a school teacher, a dentist can end up having an epic adventure filled with comedy. Doctor Stuart Price, played by Ed Helms is the dentist and the poster boy of the movie. All these movies are amazing and you should give them a watch.

These are the 5 best movies related to dentistry and based off high viewer ratings. While there are many more out there, they help serve as an important reminder to always pay your dentist an annual visit. If you happen to be in the Bowie MD area, then click here to visit a high rated dentist.