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The Best Things Coming To Netflix In May 2020

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The Best Things Coming To Netflix In May 2020

25 April, 2020

So it's not looking like 2020's summer movie season is going to be much of a thing, but who needs it? After all, Netflix is right on hand to keep TV and movie fans more than occupied over the coming months. Here's the best stuff coming to Netflix in May 2020. Netflix's newest action movies might be very different, but both are arriving on the very first day of the month. The first is Den of Thieves, a 2018 heist film starring Gerard Butler. Butler portrays Detective "Big Nick" O'Brian, an LAPD officer tasked with apprehending a squad of highly skilled bank robbers, two of whom, including their leader, are former Special Forces Marines. When the crew plans to hit the Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles, it quickly becomes a cat-and-mouse game between Detective O'Brian and the gang. And the good news is that a sequel is already in the works, so now is a great time to pick up on this one. If you're more interested in period action, Netflix is also releasing The Patriot on May 1st. That said, this 2000 historical-fiction-slash-action film is less devoted to showcasing the era than it is in blowing lots of people up. The movie stars Mel Gibson as Captain Benjamin Martin, a veteran of the French and Indian War who is reluctant to join the Revolutionary War, despite being an expert in the kind of guerilla warfare the American Army desperately needs. But his son Gabriel, inspired by patriotic fervour, joins the cause against his father's wishes. When death comes to knock at the Martin family door, Benjamin takes up arms one more time in the name of revenge, to become a legend of America's first great war. May will also see the arrival of a few sci-fi classics on Netflix. First up are the first two Back to the Future movies. Whether you're wanting to revisit these beloved films, or if you've somehow never seen them, then there's never been a better time to catch them than now. Starring Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in the biggest roles of their careers, the Back to the Future movies follow high school student Marty McFly and eccentric physicist Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown as they take off on a wild adventure to the past and future. Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II will both be available on Netflix on May 1st. Keep watching the video to see the best things coming to Netflix in May 2020.