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A Guide to Making a Movie

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A Guide to Making a Movie

by Phil Wallace 27 July, 2020

Movies are one of life’s greatest gifts. The characters, the lighting, the props, the set, and the story — everything comes together to make a masterpiece. For those that enjoy watching them, it may have crossed their mind what it would be like to make a film and to bring their ideas to life. 

This piece will discuss the elements needed to make a movie so that ideas can be made real.


Come up with a Movie Idea

Coming up with a movie idea is the first step to creating one. Often the best ideas can happen at the most irritating of times, such as during a dream! Make a list of all the ideas that would be brilliant for a movie and expand on them as and when.

Find inspiration from favorite movies or books, from events that happen in daily life or even inspiration from other people’s stories. While doing this, create a vision board to help visualize what the movie would look like, things that work well together, things that might not work well together, and let the vision board aid the flow of the idea. 


Get the Right Equipment for Making a Movie

Once there is a clear idea in mind for the movie, the next step is to look at what equipment will be needed. Different movie styles and shots will require different equipment, so be sure not to rush this step, as even renting movie-making equipment over buying it can still be very costly. It’s important to get the right gear!

Another thing to consider along with physical equipment is software, so video editing can be done post-production.

If there is no time to waste and money is the only obstacle, a quick cash injection from can see money in the bank within hours, allowing the movie-making opportunity to not be missed!


Location When Making a Movie 

So much goes into making a movie that it is easy to forget what else is needed past the idea and the equipment. Find the perfect location to fit the vibe of the movie script and the cinematography. This will dictate the feel of the whole film and how well actors and actresses will be able to get into the right roles. 

It is also important that the locations are easy to get to, especially with all the equipment to bring! Have a look for places with both indoor and outdoor spaces for any weather changes, along with locations that accommodate power outlets. And don’t forget to find out information about permissions! 


Sound When Making a Movie

Sound is a vital part of making a movie. It needs to be crisp, great quality, and well thought out to complement the film. When thinking of sound, maybe voices are the first thing that spring to mind, but there are so many more to think about! Sounds such as effects, soundtracks, ambient noise to create atmosphere, and background noise to make public places more realistic are all ones that should be considered when making a movie. 

Anything Else to Know When Making a Movie?

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Let creative ideas flow, work with others, and allow the movie to take a different route if that is where it pulls. Focus on the goal but enjoy the journey.