Bodybuilder Films That Serious Lifters Should Watch

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Bodybuilder Films That Serious Lifters Should Watch

by Phil Wallace 02 August, 2020

Lifting weights as a career requires constant motivation. Movies that involve lifting and fitness motivate better than anything else. Serious lifters typically have mentors who are movie stars although they have never met them face to face.

Fitness enthusiasts who want to stay motivated this way should have a peek at the following movies. They have some of the actors with the bulkiest muscles of all times. Lifters who have watched one or all of the movies listed here have had positive motivation in their efforts. Without further ado, here is the list.

The Bodybuilder and I

This 2007 father and son documentary is quite motivating for all bodybuilders. Any fitness enthusiast can watch the movie because it has a comic approach. Both Bill Friedman and Bryan Friedman, his son, train very hard so that the dad can regain his lost title in a fitness competition.

Generation Iron

This is a 2013 movie that is derived from the pumping iron blockbuster. So, you can already guess that it is inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It features Kai Greene, Phil Heath, and Branch Warren alongside other huge and masculine lifters who are all preparing for an important tournament called “Mr. Olympia.” The competition is tough for all of them and this is what makes it a thriller for any lifter.

My Magnificent Obsession

This is a 2015 classic movie featuring one of the most popular bodybuilders in the millennial era: CT Fletcher. He has a huge following on his YouTube channel and is known to be a fiery and huge bodybuilder. Even those who would like to use legal steroids from reputable sellers like Steroids Evolution Website have a lot to learn from this movie.

Pumping Iron II: The Women

Women have been in lifting for many decades and do equally well. Those who are currently in this career can watch this movie to stay motivated. Just like the original Pumping Iron, this ‘80s movie features female bodybuilders who have changed the perception of lifting in women. It will inspire both men and women alike.

Stay Hungry

This is a 1977 movie featuring Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzenegger in their younger years. With the mentioning of the latter, any serious lifter will know how motivating this classic movie can be. It involves a gym house that must be protected if the young lifters want to keep training.

Pumping Iron 

This is another ‘70s film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has inspired many lifters to date. As he lifts with enthusiasm to beat all of the competitors in the “Mr. Olympia” competition, he manages to maintain high charisma and has numerous fans. If it were remade today, he would have a huge following on Twitter and Instagram. As a lifter, you can still watch this movie and enjoy it.

Final Word

Movies and documentaries that feature influential people will not go unnoticed. That is why everyone is talking about them or even watching them over and over again. You should not miss these enumerated movies whether you are a beginner in lifting or otherwise.