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Dan spent a year watching a documentary every day, so now he thinks he knows everything. He loves movies more than you do. He lives and works in Los Angeles. He also loves animals, volunteering, photography, games and long walks on the beach.
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Movie Review: ‘Goosebumps’


Goosebumps is fun, but there's a better film than what ended up on screen lurking in the wings

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Movie Review: ‘Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet’


Dan Schindel is not impressed with the animated adaptation of Khalil Gibran's work.

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Movie Review: ‘Paper Towns’


In the growing YA genre, "Paper Towns" is somewhat uninspiring and flat. Dan Schindel reviews...

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Movie Review: ‘Magic Mike XXL’


"Magic Mike XXL" doesn't seem like it should work, but the result is a gangbusters good time... the best movie of the summer that doesn't have a flamethrower guitar in it.

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Movie Review: “Mad Max: Fury Road”


Mad Max: Fury Road is a one-of-a-kind action thriller, says Dan Schindel.

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Movie Review: “Beyond the Reach”


"Beyond the Reach" is a decently fun romp through the desert.

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Movie Review: “Home”


Although appearing terribly unpromising from all of its promotional materials, "Home" is in fact a quite sweet, well-made piece of work.

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Movie Review: ‘Insurgent’


Dan Schindel is fairly harsh in his criticism of Insurgent.

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Movie Review: ‘Paddington’


The beloved British children's book character is on the big screen. Dan Schindel has our review.

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Movie Review: ‘A Most Violent Year’


This anti-gangster gangster movie is a strong awards contender. Dan Schindel has our review.

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Review: ‘Wild’


Reese Witherspoon has earned major Oscar buzz for her role in this film. Dan Schindel has the review.

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Review: ‘The Tale of the Princess Kaguya’


The Japanese folk tale of Princess Kaguya is brought to vivid life in this new animated film.

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Review: “The Equalizer”


Denzel Washington stars in "The Equalizer," a film adaptation of the old television series. Dan Schindel has the review.

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Review: “The Boxtrolls”


"The Boxtrolls" is the latest stop-motion animated film to come down the pipeline. Dan Schindel has the review.

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Interview: Star Ben Kingsley and Producer Travis Knight on ‘The Boxtrolls’


The producer and star of the new animated film "The Boxtrolls" sit down to talk about it with Dan Schindel.

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