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Born and raised in rural Maryland, Dan Schindel now lives and works in LA, hoping to one day soon trick someone into paying him to write about film. He loves all the movies equally, no matter what genre or pedigree. He spent last year watching and writing about a documentary every day, so now he knows everything.
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Review: ‘Rio 2′


Does Rio 2 measure up to its predecessor? Dan Schindel has the review.

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Review: ‘Fading Gigolo’

fading gigolo

John Turturro stars in and a directs a film that also features Woody Allen. Dan Schindel has the review.

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Review: ‘Under the Skin’

under the skin

An alien that’s taken the form of a beautiful woman (played by Scarlett Johansson) roves Scotland in a white van. She picks up various men, seduces them, and then kidnaps them. They are put into some kind of preservative fluid and their interiors removed until they are horrifyingly hollow skins. The alien watches humanity with […]

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Review: ‘Enemy’


Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the new thriller Enemy. Dan Schindel has the review.

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Review: ‘Bad Words’

bad words

Jason Bateman is attempting to break out of his box in more ways than one with 'Bad Words.'

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Review: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’


Dan Schindel looks at Wes Anderson's latest effort, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Review: ‘Alan Partridge’


This is Alan Partridge's first foray into feature film. Time will tell if this gives the character broader exposure.

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Review: ‘Robocop’


Unlike a lot of other recent remakes, 'Robocop' is at least trying to do something interesting.

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Review: ‘A Field in England’


'A Field in England' is not for the average moviegoer. It is obtuse, off-putting, and purposefully disorienting.

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Review: ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’

anchorman 2

It's been nine years, and the news team is back. How well do Ron Burgundy and company fare?

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Review: ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’

sea of monsters

The new installment in the young adult fantasy series is a toppling flop.

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Review: ‘The Spectacular Now’

spectacular now

This festival favorite coming-of-age story breaks conventions and hearts.

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Review: ‘Turbo’


The latest Dreamworks Animation offering is completely typical of the studio.

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LA Film Fest Review: ‘Forev’


This quirk-laden indie film ekes by on some sweet charm.

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LA Film Fest Review: ‘You’re Next’


This hotly-anticipated home invasion thriller disappoints, says Dan Schindel.

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