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Review: ‘Carnage’ is a Skillfully Directed Adaptation

Carnage, based on a Tony Award-winning play, boasts an exceptional cast and a legendary director at the helm, but how successful was the adaptation from stage to screen? Lily Kosner has the review.

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Review: ‘Restless’ Lives Up to its Namesake

Gus Van Sant's new film Restless, starring Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper, is an uneasy and unfulfilling film, says Lily Kosner.

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Review: ‘Larry Crowne’ Gets a Degree in Implausibility

Despite the presence of two of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, Larry Crowne suffers from an utter lack of realism and it fails to offer any dramatic tension, says Lily Kosner. Tom Hanks fails as a director and writer of the film.

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