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A small town Montana boy a heart Scott Youngbauer has been living in California for the past five years, and has been writing with ScreenPicks for the same amount of time. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his fantastic boyfriend Peter, petting his three cats, and going to the movies. His favorite films include Weekend, Y Tu Mama Tambien, and Sleeping Beauty. He also has a soft spot for Showgirls.
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Movie Review ‘The Finest Hours’


While overly formulaic it's hard not to be won over by "The Finest Hours." Scott Youngbauer reviews...

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Movie Review: ‘The Hateful Eight’


"The Hateful Eight" is essential viewing for any film buff. Scott Youngbauer reviews the new Quentin Tarantino film here.

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Movie Review ‘Daddy’s Home’


"Daddy's Home" is once again a good pairing of Ferrell and Walhberg, but it doesn't quite get the heavy laughs it should be getting. Scott Youngbauer reviews...

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Movie Review: ‘Life’


'Life' is the best movie of the year that you didn't see. Scott Youngbauer reviews...

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Movie Review: ‘Youth’


'Youth' is a vibrant, and moving film that's not to be missed for lovers of great cinema. Scott Youngbauer reviews the Paolo Sorrentino masterpiece.

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Movie Review: ‘Macbeth’


"All Hail Macbeth!" Scott Youngbauer praises Justin Kurzel's new big screen adaptation of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth."

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Film Review: ‘The Danish Girl’

danish gir

"The Danish Girl" is a moving, and unique love story with two fantastic lead performances.

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Movie Review: ‘Shelter’


Despite a strong performance by Jennifer Connelly, 'Shelter' is more than a little problematic.

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Movie Review: ‘Brooklyn’


Saorise Ronan is something special in "Brooklyn." Scott Youngbauer review's what he call one of the best film's of the year.

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Movie Review: ‘Suffragette’


"Suffragette" is a moving historical drama that features one of the best performances of the year.

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Movie Review: ‘Beasts of No Nation’


Director Cary Fukunaga paints a brutal portrait of a boy’s journey into war in "Beasts of No Nation." Scott Youngbauer reviews the Netflix released film.

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Movie Review: ‘Stonewall’


"Stonewall" doesn't' even scratch the surface for the important story it had to tell. Scott Youngbauer reviews Roland Emmerich's mess of a movie.

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The 2016 Oscar Race: Top Performances to Watch For


Scott Youngbauer examines the Oscar race with these not to miss performances.

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Movie Review: ‘Sleeping With Other People’


"Sleeping with Other People" charms effortlessly. Scott Youngbauer reviews the new comedy starring Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis.

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Movie Review: ‘Coming Home’


A director and his muse are reunited in "Coming Home"... we review.

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