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A small town Montana boy a heart Scott Youngbauer has been living in California for the past five years, and has been writing with ScreenPicks for the same amount of time. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his fantastic boyfriend Peter, petting his three cats, and going to the movies. His favorite films include Weekend, Y Tu Mama Tambien, and Sleeping Beauty. He also has a soft spot for Showgirls.
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Movie Review: ‘Stonewall’


"Stonewall" doesn't' even scratch the surface for the important story it had to tell. Scott Youngbauer reviews Roland Emmerich's mess of a movie.

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The 2016 Oscar Race: Top Performances to Watch For


Scott Youngbauer examines the Oscar race with these not to miss performances.

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Movie Review: ‘Sleeping With Other People’


"Sleeping with Other People" charms effortlessly. Scott Youngbauer reviews the new comedy starring Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis.

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Movie Review: ‘Coming Home’


A director and his muse are reunited in "Coming Home"... we review.

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Movie Review: ‘American Ultra’


"American Ultra" is one of the more unusual, and engaging love stories to come out this year.

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Movie Review: ‘Cop Car’


"Cop Car" is disturbing, and at times downright scary. Scott Youngbauer reviews the future cult classic.

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Movie Review: “Irrational Man”


"Irrational Man" is rehashing previously explored themes Woody Allen has tackled before, but here they still manage to stay fresh.

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Movie Review: ‘Strangerland’


Despite great performances "Strangerland" doesn't add up to anything that engaging. Scott Youngbauer reviews the Nicole Kidman film.

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Movie Review: ‘Max’


'Max' is a bizarre, and schlocky film that never quite rises to the occasion.

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Movie Review: ‘Insidious Chapter 3’


For fans of the horror series "Insidious: Chapter 3" doesn't disappoint nor lack the appropriate scares.

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Movie Review: ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’


'Clouds of Sils Maria' is a fascinating film with a stand out performance by Kristen Stewart.

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Movie Review: ‘While We’re Young”


'While We're Young' is piercingly honest and funny. Scott Youngbauer reviews the new Noah Baumbach comedy.

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Review: ‘Jupiter Ascending’


'Jupiter Ascending' is a wacky and stupid guilty pleasure. Scott Youngbauer reviews the newest Wachowski sibling space opera.

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Movie Review: ‘Big Eyes’


Tim Burton's Big Eyes is a triumphant return for the director with fantastic performances by Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz.

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Review: ‘The Good Lie’


As one of the more moving films to come out so far this year, 'The Good Lie' is not to be missed.

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