Nicolas, Uncaged: ‘Racing With the Moon’


Nicolas Cage's fourth film gives us a rebellious WWII recruit who maybe just has a bit of a drinking problem, is dedicated to his best friend and dances like nobody's watching.

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Watch the Action-Packed ‘Taken 3′ Trailer


The new trailer for 'Taken 3'.

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Review: ‘Nas: Time is Illmatic’


Jina Freiberg reviews the new documentary on legendary rapper Nas.

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Screenpicks Weekly Round-Up


Bronwen Winter Phoenix has the Screenpicks weekly round-up.

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Party on, Dudes: Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Middle-Aged Adventures


It's going to be rad, gnarly, excellent and tubular... and it'll probably feature some most bodacious babes - that's right, it's 'Bill & Ted 3'!

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Review: “Pride”


Based on a real life events, Pride tells the story of two very different communities coming together to attempt to defeat injustices done to them by the UK government.

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Review: ‘Jimi All is by My Side’


Directed by Oscar-winner John Ridley and starring Andre 3000, Jimi: All Is by My Side is compelling portrait of the famed musician.

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Podcast: Equalizer, Boxtrolls, Jimi, and More


Jimi: All is by my Side and Pride are two films that highlight this week's podcast.

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Review: The Two Faces of January


Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, and Oscar Isaac shine in this stylish Patricia Highsmith adaptation from Hossein Amini.

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Review: “The Equalizer”


Denzel Washington stars in "The Equalizer," a film adaptation of the old television series. Dan Schindel has the review.

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Review: “The Boxtrolls”


"The Boxtrolls" is the latest stop-motion animated film to come down the pipeline. Dan Schindel has the review.

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‘Prometheus 2′ Will Contain No Xenomorphs, Says Ridley Scott


Is it really possible? How can this be happening?

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Nicolas, Uncaged: ‘Rumble Fish’


Nicolas Cage's third movie, Rumble Fish, is both his introduction to drama and a confirmation that he's gifted in the genre.

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Screenpicks Weekly Round-up

Bronwen Winter Phoenix has the Screenpicks weekly round-up.

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Review: ‘The Scribbler’


As they say, there are two sides to every coin… but what if you have five, or seven? That’s basically the premise of The Scribbler, which finds Arrow‘s Katie Cassidy playing the main role as she struggles with her multiple personality disorder in a darkly weird setting. Sent to a sort of halfway house for those […]

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