Movie Review: ‘Complete Unknown’

Complete Unknown

Rachel Weisz’s character in Joshua Marston’s new multiple identity drama "Complete Unknown" is addicted to starting over.

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‘A United Kingdom’ Trailer: Powerful Love Story

United Kingdom

Another potential Oscar contender to consider, we give you the trailer for "A United Kingdom."

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‘Rings’ Trailer: Yep, Samara Is Back for More


Not entirely sure why they felt the need to make another film in "The Ring" series, but here we are with "Rings."

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‘Manchester by the Sea’ Will Make You Cry … Watch the Trailer!


"Manchester by the Sea" is easily an Oscar contender, at least judging from this amazing trailer.

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Kate Winslet Plays Cougar with Liam Hemsworth in ‘The Dressmaker’ Trailer


Kate Winslet looks simply marvelous in "The Dressmaker."

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New Trailer for ‘La La Land’ Makes Us Want to See It Even More

La La Land

Oh my goodness, "La La Land" looks just so dreamy

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Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston Jokin’ Around on ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Set… See the Pic!


Chris Hemsworth shared an Insta-snap from the Brisbane set of "Thor: Ragnarok," and it's the best.

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Halle Berry Is Desperate to Save Her Son in ‘Kidnap’ Trailer


Halle Berry experiences a mother's worst nightmare in "Kidnap."

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Movie Review: ‘Southside with You’


"Southside with You" is an inspirational and moving film about Barack Obama's first date with the lovely Michelle Robinson.

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Box Office: ‘Ben-Hur’ Loses the Race; ‘Suicide Squad’ Holds On


"Ben-Hur" failed to capture box office excitement, while "Suicide Squad" held onto the top spot.

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Podcast: War Dogs, Ben-Hur, Kubo & More


We also review Hell or High Water and Spaceman.

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Movie Review: ‘War Dogs’


Despite being a true story about arms dealers that has all the trappings of high-powered cinema, "War Dogs" is often gun-shy.

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Movie Review: ‘Spaceman’


Andrew Payne reviews "Spaceman," a sports film that can never find its game.

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Movie Review: ‘Ben-Hur’


"Ben-Hur" really could be summed up as an action film with heart – and a little bit of religion thrown in for good measure. A great ride.

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Movie Review: ‘Blood Father’

Blood Father

"Blood Father" reminds us how epic Mel Gibson can be in any role.

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