Podcast: The Magnificent Seven, Storks, Queen of Katwe


ScreenPicks host Kit Bowen discusses the movies coming out this week with correspondents Joel Amos, Andrew Payne and Scott Youngbauer... listen!

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Movie Review: ‘Queen of Katwe’


Andrew Payne reviews "Queen of Katwe," a new entry in the Disney sports movie franchise that's a notch above the rest.

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Movie Review: ‘The Magnificent Seven’


Hiko Mitsuzuka sits through Antoine Fuqua's "Magnificent Seven," a retelling of an American classic but finds it anything but magnificent.

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Ice Cube Is Gonna Beat Charlie Day in ‘Fist Fight’


Ice Cube and Charlie Day in a comedy together? Take a look at the trailer for "Fist Fight."

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Movie Review: ‘All Hallows’ Eve’


"All Hallows' Eve" is the cinematic equivalent of having your Halloween candy stolen by hooligans.

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New Poster Released for ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’


Keanu Reeves looks once again incredibly badass in the sequel "John Wick: Chapter 2."

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Keanu Reeves and Renée Zellweger Want to Know ‘The Whole Truth’


Ah, we haven't had a good courtroom drama in awhile -- now we've got "The Whole Truth," and nothing but.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Find Love in Space in Thrilling ‘Passengers’ Trailer


Pairing Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt together in a film is definitely the right idea, at least judging from this first trailer for their upcoming thriller, "Passengers."

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Uh-Oh, That Creepy Doll Is Back in ‘Annabelle 2’


Seriously, these "Annabelle" movies give dolls a bad name.

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Ed Helms and Owen Wilson Are ‘Bastards’ and We Love It


The new trailer for the comedy "Bastards" looks like a great pairing with Ed Helms and Owen Wilson.

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Blu-Ray Review: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Keeps Getting Better


Joel Amos reviews the stellar Blu-ray release of "Captain America: Civil War" with plenty of cool bonus features!

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A Look at ‘Children of Men’ on Its 10th Anniversary


Ten years after "Children of Men" hit screens, director Alfonso Cuaron’s ominous tale of an infertile human race remains as prescient and topical now as it was a decade ago.

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Movie Review: ‘Snowden’


"Snowden" redeems the filmmaker Oliver Stone’s credibility and is one of the most relevant films in years.

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Check Out This Cool Featurette for Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’


Watch this featurette and learn about the characters and get inside the magic of Marvel's "Doctor Strange."

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Movie Review: “Blair Witch”


"Blair Witch" is essentially more of the same but a reminder that the unsettling elements from the original are still effective.

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