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Director Jesse Moss on His Docu <I>Mayor Pete</I>
09 Nov, 2021
Director Jesse Moss on His Docu Mayor Pete

Mayor Pete follows former Iowa Mayor Pete Buttigieg on his epic journey to become the youngest President of the United States. Director Jesse Moss offers audiences and glimpse behind-the-scenes of Pete’s historic campaign and intimate access to the relationship and support system between ..Read More

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<I>Finch</I>: Tom Hanks on His Post-Apocalyptic Robo-Bro Trip
06 Nov, 2021
Finch: Tom Hanks on His Post-Apocalyptic Robo-Bro Trip

In the apocalyptic drama, Finch, Tom Hanks shows us how far man will go for his canine best friend, even if that means a road trip across the end of the world. Finch Weinberg (Hanks) is an engineer, who builds a robot to take care of his dog, Goodyear, after he passes. But in order to be successful..Read More

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Cast of <I>Mass</I> Dives Deep into This Human Story
16 Oct, 2021
Cast of Mass Dives Deep into This Human Story

The powerful Mass explores an all-too-familiar and tragic subject of school shootings, told from the perspective of two different families. In a small church basement, Jay (Jason Isaacs) and Gail (Martha Plimpton) -- the parents of a high schooler who was killed in a school shooting -- steel themse..Read More

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Christian Camargo on <i>Witch Hunt</i>, <I>Dexter</i> and More
12 Oct, 2021
Christian Camargo on Witch Hunt, Dexter and More

Actor Christian Camargo is known for playing some pretty scary dudes. He’s probably best known as Rudy from the first season of Dexter but most recently, he stars in the indie Witch Hunt, portraying a menacing witch hunter in a modern-day America where witches are real and witchcraft is illega..Read More

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James Cullen Bressack on <I>Survive the Game</I>
07 Oct, 2021
James Cullen Bressack on Survive the Game

Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray and Swen Temmel headline the new action flick Survive the Game from director James Cullen Bressack. When police officer David (Willis) is shot during a drug bust, his partner Cal (Temmel) is in hot pursuit of the gang members responsible. He follows them to a nearb..Read More

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Interview: Steven Grayhm on <I>The Secret of Sinchanee</i>
07 Oct, 2021
Interview: Steven Grayhm on The Secret of Sinchanee

Fans of atmospheric horror films should take note of the new film The Secret of Sinchanee, written and directed by Steven Grayhm, who also acts in the film. Grayhm plays Willie Stark, an insomniac tow truck driver who returns to his rural childhood home after the death of his father. Stark dis..Read More

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