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James Cullen Bressack on <I>Survive the Game</I>
07 Oct, 2021
James Cullen Bressack on Survive the Game

Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray and Swen Temmel headline the new action flick Survive the Game from director James Cullen Bressack. When police officer David (Willis) is shot during a drug bust, his partner Cal (Temmel) is in hot pursuit of the gang members responsible. He follows them to a nearb..Read More

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Interview: Steven Grayhm on <I>The Secret of Sinchanee</i>
07 Oct, 2021
Interview: Steven Grayhm on The Secret of Sinchanee

Fans of atmospheric horror films should take note of the new film The Secret of Sinchanee, written and directed by Steven Grayhm, who also acts in the film. Grayhm plays Willie Stark, an insomniac tow truck driver who returns to his rural childhood home after the death of his father. Stark dis..Read More

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<I>The Alpinist</I> Filmmakers Tell Marc-Andre Leclerc's Story
19 Sep, 2021
The Alpinist Filmmakers Tell Marc-Andre Leclerc's Story

The Alpinist is the latest documentary on the dangerous and exhilarating sport of rock climbing, in which filmmakers and fellow climbers Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen shine the spotlight on a young Canadian solo climber named Marc-André Leclerc. The free-spirited 23-year-old, who was mostly ..Read More

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Cast and Crew Talk <I>The Tomorrow War</I>
01 Jul, 2021
Cast and Crew Talk The Tomorrow War

Action-packed sci-fi films are back -- and The Tomorrow War proves that! Set in the near future, a task force of time travelers interrupts a World Cup soccer game to give humanity a message: They are fighting an extinction-level war against formidable aliens 30 years in the future -- and they a..Read More

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Writer/Directors Talk <i>The Evil Next Door</i>
29 Jun, 2021
Writer/Directors Talk The Evil Next Door

Unwanted presences are nothing new to the horror genre -- but with The Evil Next Door, audiences get a double dose of both spooky thriller and a heartfelt family drama. When a new stepmom, Shirin, moves into her partner’s duplex with his son Lucas she thinks it will be a happily ever aft..Read More

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Sebastian Siegel’s Deep Thoughts on <I>Grace and Grit</i>
06 Jun, 2021
Sebastian Siegel’s Deep Thoughts on Grace and Grit

Based on Ken Wilbur’s book of the same name, Grace and Grit tells the true story of courage, transcendence, and eternal love between famed philosopher Wilbur (Stuart Townsend) and his wife, Treya (Mena Suvari), and the difficult but beautiful journey they go through together when Tre..Read More

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