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Movie Review: <i>Moby Doc</i>
26 May, 2021
Movie Review: Moby Doc

Biopics about musicians are always a treat for audiences, but they are all pretty much the same. Leave it to Moby to do things his way. Almost 30 years after his first electronic single, “Go,” Moby opens himself up in the most vulnerable of ways by discussing his childhood traumas, asce..Read More

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Movie Review: <I>About Endlessness</i>
29 Apr, 2021
Movie Review: About Endlessness

About Endlessness is a movie which I think will particularly appeal to audiences of art-house films.   A Swedish movie written and directed by Roy Andersson, the film consists of a series of vignettes. A press release describes the movie as a “reflection on human life in all its bea..Read More

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Movie Review: <I>Four Good Days</i>
28 Apr, 2021
Movie Review: Four Good Days

On the heels of Glenn Close’s eighth Academy Award nomination for Hillbilly Elegy, the veteran actress gives us another spectacular performance that’s sure to resonate with a with an even wider audience, and likely earn her a ninth nod from the prestigious Motion Picture Academy. In Fou..Read More

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Movie Review: <i>Stowaway</i>
28 Apr, 2021
Movie Review: Stowaway

Stowaway should have sneaked onto a better movie. It’s not that Netflix’s latest is a bad film. But given the stars, given the studio, given the zeitgeist of space travel, you can’t help but hear “Hollywood, we have a problem” echoing in the background of this slu..Read More

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Movie Review: <i>The Nest</i>
07 Nov, 2020
Movie Review: The Nest

Sean Durkin’s The Nest is a slow burn of a story, rooted in shallowness that pushes through with a strong ensemble and thickening plot that serves as a reminder of an extremely valuable lesson. Led by a canny and somewhat conniving Jude Law and clandestine Carrie Coon, The Nest takes us on a ..Read More

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Regina King’s <i>One Night In Miami</i> Is a Major Asset
26 Oct, 2020
Regina King’s One Night In Miami Is a Major Asset

Regina King’s directorial debut One Night In Miami thoughtfully portrays a fictional account of a night that actually took place. On February 25, 1964, civil rights leader Malcom X (Kingsley Ben-Adir), singer Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.), NFL player-turned-actor Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge), and fa..Read More

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