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Producers Guild Nominees Announced

Matching the Oscars, the Producers Guild of America increased its best picture nominee list to 10 this year. Today's nominees included James Cameron (right) for "Avatar," "Up in the Air," "Inglourious Basterds," and surprisingly, "Star Trek." Kit Bowen offers her analysis of the PGA picks.

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D9 vs. Avatar: Alien Flicks Fight for Oscar

Two films featuring aliens could be nominated for Best Picture in "District 9" and "Avatar." Both action movies have surprising similarities despite a dramatic difference in production costs. Christa Youngpeter examines both movies and analyzes their Oscar chances.

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3D Done Right: ‘Avatar’ is Visually Stunning

James Cameron's new film "Avatar" provides the perfect 3D film experience, writes Kit Bowen. While the story is effectively "Dances with Wolves" meets blue people, the world Cameron creates is truly majestic and he deserves special recognition for his spectacular achievement.

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