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From Stage to Screen: The Best Movie Adaptations of Plays

Obviously plays predate movies, but rather than become an antiquated theatrical form, plays have established themselves as refuges for high-minded, story-driven entertainment. Thus, when plays are adapted to the big screen the results can combine the best of both worlds, a well produced piece of entertainment with a hearty plot. Bronwen Winter Phoenix takes a look at some of the most notably successful amalgams of plays and movies.

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Review: ‘Carnage’ is a Skillfully Directed Adaptation

Carnage, based on a Tony Award-winning play, boasts an exceptional cast and a legendary director at the helm, but how successful was the adaptation from stage to screen? Lily Kosner has the review.

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The Oscar Race So Far

The Oscar race is just starting to heat up. Who are the early favorites? What dark horses could emerge? Michael Benedict takes a closer look.

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