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Netflix Friday Night: The Thing (1982)

The Thing 1982 Review Netflix Friday Night John Carpenter Kurt Russell

When director John Carpenter tackled an adaptation of "The Thing from Another World" (1952), he created a horror film that can still take us, an audience jaded by years of cheap knock-off horror flicks, back to the purest form of a genre curated with deliberate care to shock and unnerve.

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Best Alien Characters in Movies

What are your favorite alien characters from films? Bronwen Winter Phoenix looks over some of the most memorable movie aliens.

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Box Office: A Real Steal

'Real Steal' takes back the weekend from new release remakes. Anthony Fertino has the analysis.

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Review: ‘The Thing’

Blake Legge says that while the new, CGI-enhanced prequel/remake of The Thing doesn't live up to John Carpenter's beloved 1982 version, it's not as bad as Carpenter fans might fear.

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Footloose, The Thing, The Big Year, The Skin I Live In

On this week's Picktainment Movie Podcast, Amy Lindorff and Aphrodite Manousos praise the remake of Footloose. Kit Bowen and Blake Legge have mixed feelings on the prequel of The Thing. Sarah Simmons criticizes The Big Year. And Lilit Marcus and Obed Medina disagree on The Skin I Live In. Phil Wallace hosts.

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Box Office: Real Steel Knocks Out Dolphin

Drama-filled box office gives way to real steel Wolverine, taking the box office from the 'Ides of March'. Anthony Fertino has the analysis.

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