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Ensemble Rom-Coms: Here to Stay

With New Year's Eve set to come to theaters soon, it appears that "ensemble rom-coms" are all the rage these days. Yes, the simple rom-com isn't enough for audiences, so now rom-coms are put on steroids, with 12 or so big name actors in six different love stories. Bronwen Winter Phoenix analyzes this trend.

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Love Movies for the RomCom Averse

A few days ago, Kendra Beltran offered her picks for the Top-10 RomComs for Valentine's Day. But love can take many different forms, and life isn't always like a RomCom. With Valentine's Day just about here, Blake Legge offers his own picks for love movies of a different sort.

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Top-10 Romantic Comedies for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming up soon and Kendra Beltran has you covered in RomCom Land. She has her top-10 Romantic Comedies list.

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