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10 SNL Sketches Turned Movies

For better or for worse, SNL has consistently tried to make audiences laugh with movie versions of their favorite sketches. Though Bill Hader has nixed a Stefon movie, it's gotten us nostalgic -- Samantha Wilson looks back at the 10 most memorable SNL movies to date.

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Review: ‘The Campaign’

While it doesn't have the most biting political satire, The Campaign still makes for an enjoyable afternoon says Lauren Herstik.

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‘Yogi Bear’ is Smarter than the Average Film

After seeing "Yogi Bear" with her eight-year old son, Courteney Merritt says the film is surprisingly enjoyable. Kids will love it, but adults will find it fine enough. With voiceovers from Dan Akroyd and Justin Timberlake, "Yogi Bear" brings Jellystone Park to life with credible CGI effects.

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