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Movie Review: ‘Youth’

'Youth' is a vibrant, and moving film that's not to be missed for lovers of great cinema. Scott Youngbauer reviews the Paolo Sorrentino masterpiece.

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Review: ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’

Aided by Forest Whitaker's fantastic performance, 'Lee Daniels' The Butler' is an epic, emotionally complex film, limited only by its overstocked cast.

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The Newsroom: The 112th Congress

Sam Waterston

Fans of The West Wing will remember how many episodes of that show had non-linear plots. Aaron Sorkin doesn’t simply write every episode from start to finish; he jumps back and forth to make the jigsaw puzzle more satisfying when the viewer puts it together. Or so he hopes.

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Review: Keener, Fonda Strike An Uneven ‘Peace’

In one of her rare screen appearances, Jane Fonda shines. But Marcas Grant writes that Peace, Love & Misunderstanding still fees like less than the sum of its parts.

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