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Movie Review: ‘The Shape of Water’

The Shape of Water continues to prove Guillermo del Toro's genius.

"The Shape of Water" depicts an “otherworldly fairy tale” and an unlikely romance that seems like it should feel wrong, but just doesn’t.

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Movie Review: ‘Hidden Figures’

Hiko Mitsuzuka discovers the "Hidden Figures" in this exciting tribute to the unsung heroines behind NASA's historic launch of the 1960s.

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Interview: Diablo Cody, Julianne Hough, & Octavia Spencer of ‘Paradise’

The talented and decidedly A-list crew behind 'Paradise' - director Diablo Cody, and stars Julianne Hough and Octavia Spencer - discuss their witty, heartfelt, and surprisingly spiritual new film.

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Sundance Review: ‘Fruitvale’ is Wrenching

Dan Schindel talks up the film that won both the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award for Best Dramatic Film at Sundance.

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Road to the Oscars: Best Supporting Actress

While Octavia Spencer's award season success may make it seem like she has the Best Supporting Actress award sewn up, the competition is stiff and full of equally deserving actresses. Angela Stern has the analysis in our Road to the Oscars series.

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Andrew Payne’s Oscar Power Rankings: 1st Edition

Oscar season officially begins today as the New York Film Critics Circle will hand out its awards a little earlier than normal. As a result, our awards show expert Andrew Payne has the first edition of his 2011 Oscar Power Rankings.

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