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Dallas Recap: Let’s get Fracking

Let’s get fracking. Everyone’s bringing out the big guns at Southfork this week: a Rube Goldberg that burns methane, an iPhone for espionage, a pill problem, the cartel, and guns. Lauren Herstik has the recap.

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Dallas: The Changing of the Guard

Dallas has the classic elements of a true high drama, like Downton Abbey or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, back at the Ranch: It’s been 20 years and with sweeping Texas vistas and overhead shots of cattle herds, Southfork Ranch is open for business and Lauren Herstik has the recap.

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Where Are They Now?: ‘Step by Step’

Paige Feldman continues to satisfy her TGIF nostalgia by finding out what the cast of Step by Step is up to these days.

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