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Interview: Jahi Winston Talks Charm City Kings

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Interview: Jahi Winston Talks <i>Charm City Kings</I>

by Landon Johnson 08 October, 2020

Charm City Kings follows Mouse (Jahi Winston), a Baltimore teen who is just trying to be a part of something greater than himself and find himself in this big, ugly world.

Director Angel Soto takes us through a coming of age story that is more than an exhilarating ride. It's a tour de force for the emotions as well. From the soundtrack to the screenplay, Charm City Kings packs a punch. It encapsulates a particular energy that resonates with everyone. While it is a coming of age story, it's told through a lens that is both original and authentic. Jahi Winston is accompanied by a talented ensemble that he becomes the nucleus of. It's nothing short of enjoyable and exhilarating with a great soundtrack to boot. 

At a recent press day, ScreenPicks' Landon Johnson caught up with Winston to talk about making Charm City Kings, working with Meek Mill, his support system in Hollywood, and his dream role. 

Watch below!