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Interview: Robin Wright on Finding Peace in Land

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Interview: Robin Wright on Finding Peace in <I>Land</i>

by Kit Bowen 11 February, 2021

Although she directed several episodes of the hit Netflix series House of Cards, Robin Wright makes her directorial feature debut with Land, a beautiful story about finding peace after experiencing unimaginable grief and loss.

As Edee, Wright turns in a multi-layered performance as a woman who is having difficulty coping with life after losing her husband and son. While she believes her only option is to go off the grid and live by herself in a mountain cabin, she soon realizes she has no skills to survive in the wilderness. 

On the brink of dying from dehydration and starvation, she is saved by a local hunter, Miguel (Demián Bichir), who nurses her back to health and then teaches her survival skills. Although Edee maintains she wants to be left alone, the two form a unique bond, and she finally understands the need for human connection.

ScreenPicks spoke with Wright about why she chose this story as her first feature as a director, as well as how the stillness of nature helped her find her character.

Watch the interview below and look for Land in theaters this Friday.