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Wolf Stars Tackle Species Dysmorphia

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<I>Wolf</I> Stars Tackle Species Dysmorphia

by Landon Johnson 02 December, 2021

George MacKay and Lily-Rose Depp take on the most challenging roles of their careers in Nathalie Biancheri’s Wolf.

The two actors play Jacob and Wildcat as they portray teens with a condition known as species dysmorphia, in which they believe they’re animals trapped in human bodies. Mackay becomes a wolf while Depp is a full-on wildcat. What follows is a surreal and mysterious tale of self-discovery.

The arthouse drama has a peculiar premise, but these two manage to pull it off seamlessly whilst showcasing their talent with the mannerisms of the species they identify with.

At a recent press day, ScreenPicks spoke with MacKay and Depp about how they prepared for such an intense role, and the method acting that went into this endeavor may surprise you. The two also touched on which director they would like to work with next.

Watch below for the full interview.