Interview: Lulu Wilson on Being a Very Angry ‘Becky’

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Interview: Lulu Wilson on Being a Very Angry ‘Becky’

by Kit Bowen 14 June, 2020

The new thriller Becky centers on the titular teenager (Lulu Wilson), who is having a hard time getting over her mother’s death a few years prior. She reluctantly goes with her father (Joel McHale) to the family’s lake cabin in hopes of finding some peace with her dad, only be further angered by the arrival of his new girlfriend and her young son.

Things get even worse when four escaped convicts, led by white supremist Dominik (Kevin James), show up to wreak havoc, and Becky, who had been hiding away in her fort in the woods, must take action to save them. And “take action” she does, in a Home Alone meets Rambo kind of way.

ScreenPicks spoke with the very poised Lulu Wilson about playing such an angry but highly resourceful character. Plus, Wilson -- the newest “scream queen” having starred in horror hits, such as Ouija: Origin of Evil, Annabelle: Creation and Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House -- talks about her favorite horror movies. 

Q: Did you do any training/preparation for the role?

Lulu Wilson: I was planning on doing more preparation than I ended up doing. Which is usually how I do things because I procrastinate like crazy. It’s not great. But I have learned throughout, doing movies and such, that it’s almost better to not be TOO prepared. You can prepare to an extent before you start doing a scene but being overprepared feels unnatural to me. I may have been a little unprepared [for Becky]… My first day on set was a very traumatic scene [including stabbing Kevin James in the eye] and I think throwing myself into it prepared me for the tone of the rest of the movie and how Becky evolves. 

Q: Besides your first day, was there anything else particularly challenging?

Wilson: I mean, really that first day, I was so nervous. I didn’t know everybody yet but then I got it. Physically but also incredibly fun was the zipline scene. Ziplining and then having to get off and fight that battle. I swear, it was the best day of my life but also really difficult doing that. I remember eating a lot of watermelon that day [laughs].

Q: What was it like getting into Becky’s mindset?

Wilson: I had to tap into my own personal anger and that teenage rage. All teenage girls have that. But also Becky is this strong, empowered girl fighting for her life. Not running away from the danger but facing it. I would listen to really intense music before filming and I would sit off to the side and just focus on that. I mean it was difficult, doing the fight scenes but also just being so angry all the time. Growling and yelling. I’d get really tired. It was a lot. I slept really well at night.

Q: What else would you do to unwind?

Wilson: I ate pizza like four times a week. Not even kidding. I ate so much pizza. My mom and I would go to this pizza place that was like 10 minutes from where we were staying. We were sort of on the outskirts of Toronto and this pizza place was amazing! It was so good. I miss that pizza so much! 

Q: Good pizza goes a long way! Kevin James was also pretty terrifying in this, a big departure for him. Talk about working with him.

Wilson: I was very thankful that he wasn’t a method actor [laughs]. He wasn’t Dominik off camera. It was really interesting the drastic change between his personality and becoming Dominik. [Kevin] is the nicest, sweetest guy and Dominik is the opposite, who is hateful and terrible. It was intense watching that switch. But after every single take when he had to be violent with me, in his words or actions, he’d always make sure I was okay. He was so thoughtful. 

Q: Do you think you could tap into those survival skills like Becky?

Wilson: Oh god, no! I mean Becky is really smart, and I’m not that good at thinking on my feet. I cannot imagine in that situation how I would react. I don’t know what my survival skills would be. I wish I could be really freaking smart like Becky. In that dock scene particularly [in which Becky gets the upper hand on one of the bad guys in a gruesome way], it was wet and it took all my effort not to fall into the water!

Q: Well, Lulu, you do go through the ringer in your movies.

Wilson: [Laughing] I do.

Q: You’re also becoming a young Jamie Lee Curtis of the new horror generation with such great work. You must love the genre.

Wilson: Thank you! I really love horror. I definitely wouldn’t be doing so much of it or having so much fun if I didn’t absolutely love it! Not only do I love doing them and working with the horror creators, I also love watching them. My own personal passion guiding me. Lighting that flame of wanting to do horror movies.

Q: You have to tell me some of your favorites!

Wilson: Midsommar is one of my all-time favorites. [Writer/director] Ari Aster is amazing. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I liked Midsommar even more than Hereditary. I like how it takes place mostly in the daytime and that it could happen. Nothing really supernatural happens, just human beings being bad. Really disturbing. I think about it all the time. I also love The Shining. Oh, and Rosemary’s Baby is also one of my favorites!

Ah, we can see where Wilson’s horror sensibilities lean towards… definitely check the young actress out in Becky, available on VOD today!