Interview: Chloe Coleman Talks Action Stunts in My Spy

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Interview: Chloe Coleman Talks Action Stunts in <em>My Spy</em>

by Kit Bowen 25 June, 2020

The delightful comedy My Spy pairs burly Dave Bautista, playing JJ, a CIA agent who uses more brawn than brains, with spitfire Chloe Coleman, playing Sophie, a precocious pre-teen who is way too smart for her age.

When JJ is assigned to set up surveillance on Sophie and her single mother in order to catch a bad guy, he ends up blowing his cover with the young girl and soon bonds with her over ice-skating parties, school events -- and teaching her the ins and outs of being a spy. 

ScreenPicks' Kit Bowen spoke with Coleman about working with Bautista, what it takes to be a spy -- and all the fun stunts she got to do! Listen to the interview below and make sure to stream My Spy on Amazon Prime this Friday!