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“Hunger Games Hotties”

Episode 18 of the Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast aired LIVE tonight (Monday), August 1st, at 10pm ET/7pm PT!  This week, as always, our panel of experts included some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol and The Hob. We were also joined by Sam of I Am the Mockingjay and District Tribute, Sheila of HG Girl on Fire, Saph of, Natalie of Crushable, noted photographer Rebekah, Ariel of Madam Pince and the Librarians and Nerdy, Wordy, and Almost Thirty,  Courtney of FYeahD12 and Welcome to District 12, and Brianna Hicks, noted Team Gale supporter.

  • We kicked off the show by talking about the thing that everyone has been talking about this week: the “men of The Hunger Games” issue of Entertainment Weekly, which hit the stands on Friday. How do we feel about Josh and Liam after finally seeing them in-character as Peeta and Gale? Listen and find out!
  • We discussed more of the latest Hunger Games news, including Slate naming Suzanne Collins one of the “Most Innovative & Practical Thinkers of 2011” and a new album that we know you’re all going to want!
  • We decided that this week’s Crackpot Theory — that Cato and Clove were in a relationship — is probably Real.
  • And, to conclude, we embarrassed ourselves with a “Hunger Games Hotties” edition of Cave, Marry, Kill!

Also, we gave away three more mini-posters to three lucky listeners! Congratulations to Courtney, Brandon, and Savannah!

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