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‘Twisted’ Recap: ‘Out with the In-Crowd’

Out with the In-crowd

In 'Out with the In-Crowd' Lacey and Danny fool Archie into admitting his role in Cole's poisoning, but their friendship may not survive it. Elsewhere, Jo makes a decision she may come to regret later.

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‘Twisted’ Recap: ‘Poison of Interest’

Poison of Interest

"Poison of Interest" finds Danny fighting for his place at Green Grove High, while elsewhere, the unlikely duo of Lacey and Rico track down a revealing video circulating the halls of GGHS.

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‘Twisted’ Recap: ‘The Truth Will Out’

The Truth Will Out

In “The Truth Will Out,” Chief Masterson teams up with Danny to prove that Danny’s mother Karen didn’t murder Regina. On the girl front, Jo tries to carve out a solid friendship with Lacey, but runs into one big hurdle.

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‘Twisted’ Recap: Docu-Trauma

Twisted, Episode 8: "Docu-Trauma"

In "Docu-Trauma" Danny falls victim to several unsettling pranks. Elsewhere, Karen confesses to murder. But did she really do it?

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ABC Family: An Unprecedented Representation of Minorities on Television

ABC Family leads all other television channels when it comes to representation of racial and sexual minorities, as well as individuals with disabilities. It's a surprisingly progressive view that more channels should emulate.

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‘Twisted’ Recap: ‘We Need to Talk About Danny’

We Need to Talk About Danny Twisted Season 1 Episode 7 ABC Family

In "We Need to Talk About Danny," Lacey and Jo spill a secret while Lacey and Danny create one. Elsewhere, police work in Green Grove hits an all time high.

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‘Twisted’ Recap: The Fest and the Furious

The Fest and the Furious, Episode 5

"The Fest and the Furious" finds our main characters in a bit of a love quadrilateral. And that's when you don't count Lacey's boyfriend.

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Switched at Birth: The Shock of Being Seen

Here’s what was actually going on while you were busy deciding which Mom was more heroic for raising someone else’s deaf/Hispanic daughter. Lauren Herstik has the recap.

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Interview: Katie Leclerc of ABC Family’s ‘Switched at Birth’

Katie Leclerc, who plays Daphne Vasquez on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, talks about playing a deaf role, her own hearing loss, traits she shares with Daphne and advice for deaf kids.

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Top Casting Picks: Fifty Shades of Grey

It was only a matter of time before Fifty Shades of Grey reached Hollywood, and now with Universal on board, we've compiled a list of some of the top contenders to take on the leading roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

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Make It Or Break It: Yes, They Went There

With only two episodes left, MIOBI pulls out all the stops.

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Make It Or Break It: The Triumphant Return

WIth only three episodes left, MIOBI is pulling out all the stops with sex, bunnies and CANDACE CAMERON BURE!!!

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Make It Or Break It: Kathy Najimy Is A Racist

We've got major drama this week as our MIOBI heroes must fight for the dreams and most girls are sent home.

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Make It Or Break It: Pee Wee Herman References, Bunnies and Lauren Resolves To Be A Slut

You're favorite basic cable teen gymnastics drama is back and with it is Megan Lane with a recap of every ridiculous thing that happens.

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Switched at Birth: The Tempest

Switched at Birth is getting angsty this week, while everyone learns a little something new. Lauren Herstik has the update.

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