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‘IT’ Sings: Pennywise Struts and Slays in a New Musical Parody

Hiko Mitsuzuka reviews "Stephen King’s IT: A Musical Parody," based on blockbuster horror novel.

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The 12 Best Fright Flicks for Halloween

Looking to curl up with a frightful flick this Halloween? Ed Haley has some suggestions.

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Review: Despite Lackluster Plot, ‘Insidious: Chapter 2’ Delivers the Scares

Insidious: Chapter 2 Review

Within the first five minutes, director James Wan reminds the audience just why 2010's 'Insidious' deserves a sequel: it's the kind of shameless horror that features abandoned hospitals, possessed husbands, and pianos that play themselves. Shortly, it's fun.

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5 Documentaries Scarier Than Horror Movies

We tell horror stories as a relief from the terrors of reality. But what happens when there's no such relief? Dan Schindel offers five documentaries that bring forward very real, very intimidating horrors.

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What Scared off the Good Horror Films?

Bronwen Winter Phoenix opines the dearth of good horror movie, recalls some of her most recent forays into the genre and offers a few recommendations for those unafraid to be afraid.

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