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Rules Every Marvel Actor Has To Follow

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Rules Every Marvel Actor Has To Follow

30 March, 2020

Marvel actors are carefully scrutinized before being selected by the studio, and have to sign some of the strictest contracts in Hollywood. From excessive secrecy to exhausting press conferences, let's look at the outrageous rules actors have to follow in order to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel's control over their cast begins on the screen. Despite the success of Fox's edgy Deadpool films, Disney is adamant about keeping their Marvel movies appropriate for a wider audience. Since Disney wants to appeal to kids as well as adults in these big budget superhero films, they have been particularly careful to tone down any violence. Another rule is providing good examples for children. Smoking, for example, is prohibited in any of the Disney films. One of Nick Fury's most iconic attributes from the comics, his gigantic cigar, was nixed by Disney in Samuel L. Jackson's portrayal of the grizzled veteran spy. Even though Disney is careful to aim their Marvel films at wider audiences, they have presented plenty of TV-MA-rated content through Marvel's Netflix shows, such as Daredevil and The Punisher.