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Trailer: Meet Ferry in Amsterdam's Underbelly

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Trailer: Meet <I>Ferry</I> in Amsterdam's Underbelly

19 April, 2021

In the Netflix movie Ferry, the story starts in 2006 in the city of Amsterdam. Ferry Bouman works for drug lord Ralph Brink, a powerful criminal and Ferry's mentor.

One day the gang is brutally mugged and Ralph's son is severely injured. When all leads point to a group of campers in Brabant, Ferry is sent out to find the perpetrators. After years of absence, Ferry returns to his beloved Brabant, which he had fled many years before.

The difficult reunion with his estranged family, the return to the camper life he had forsaken and the meeting with his charming neighbor Danielle all gradually crawl under Ferry's skin. His journey will lead to unexpected outcomes and put Ferry's loyalty to the test…

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