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Robert Machoian & Clayne Crawford Talk The Killing of Two Lovers

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Robert Machoian & Clayne Crawford Talk The Killing of Two Lovers

12 May, 2021

Step aside Noah Baumbach! There’s a new filmmaker in the industry who has just made an explosive martial drama The Killing of Two Lovers that resembles the work of the three-time Academy-Award nominee. Writer/director Robert Machoian does a tremendous job of telling this powder keg of a story in a way that’s jam-packed with tension, authenticity, and raw human emotion. 

The Killing of Two Lovers, which first premiered at Sundance last year, follows David (Clayne Crawford), who is desperately trying to keep his family together during a six-month separation from his wife, Nikki. When Nikki gets into another relationship, David is forced to come to terms with it. But he struggles to accept the fact that his marriage may be over, especially since his children are encouraging him to fight to save their family.  

Crawford is spectacular in the role. His raw, visceral emotions make for a powerful and climactic film. The Killing of Two Lovers is a transfixing drama that’s carried by Crawford’s performance.

On a recent press day, ScreenPicks got to speak with Crawford and Machoian about how he was able to exude so much passion and emotion into the role, and the harsh realities of life that leave humans questioning how far they will go for the people they love.

Watch the interviews below!