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Interview: Carlos Gutierrez Talks Being <I>Locked In</I>
04 May, 2021
Interview: Carlos Gutierrez Talks Being Locked In

While we’ve all experienced being locked down during the past year under COVID quarantines, writer/director Carlos Gutierrez gives us the thriller Locked In, in which Mena Suvari is trapped in a storage facility with her daughter during a heist gone wrong. In this innovative, edge o..Read More

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Cast Talks Making <I>Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse</I>
01 May, 2021
Cast Talks Making Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

The latest Tom Clancy big-screen adaptation Without Remorse stars Michael B. Jordan as John Kelly, an elite Navy SEAL, who goes on a path to avenge his wife's murder, which leads into a deeper international conspiracy When a squad of Russian soldiers kills his wife in retaliation for his ..Read More

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Chat About <I>A Concerto Is a Conversation</I>
15 Apr, 2021
Chat About A Concerto Is a Conversation

A Concerto Is a Conversation is an eloquent documentary, which covers a lot of fascinating territory in its well-paced 13 minutes.  Nominated this year for an Oscar for Best Documentary Short, the film focuses on Kris Bowers, a talented composer and pianist, and his 91-year-old grandfather, Hor..Read More

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Interview: Talking About <I>Feeling Through</I> Short
10 Apr, 2021
Interview: Talking About Feeling Through Short

Among the 2021 Oscar nominations for Best Live Action Short is Feeling Through. The film is a sensitive portrayal about an initially random but ultimately moving encounter between a New York City teen, Teerek, and Artie, a DeafBlind man played by Robert Tarango.         &nbs..Read More

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Interview: Leonardo Nam on His <I>Phobias</I> and More
21 Mar, 2021
Interview: Leonardo Nam on His Phobias and More

What if someone not only knew your biggest fear but was able to use it against you? That’s the premise behind new horror movie Phobias, starring Leonardo Nam (Westworld, Pacific Rim: The Black), Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect, The Babysitter), musician Macy Gray, and more. The film is an antholo..Read More

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Interview with Sean Hagerty on His <I>Julius Caesar</I>
13 Mar, 2021
Interview with Sean Hagerty on His Julius Caesar

Amidst recent political turmoil, few plays could be more timely than Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with its exploration of political intrigue, conspiracy, and mob violence. Shakespeare@ Home is presenting an exciting multi-episode radio drama of the play and its final installment will be release..Read More

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