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Interview: Cast Talks Being Alone

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Interview: Cast Talks Being <i>Alone</i>

by Kit Bowen 14 September, 2020

The thriller Alone is pretty much every woman's nightmare.

Struggling with grief, a recently widowed Jessica (Jules Willcox) packs up her car, hitches a UHaul and leaves town. On the road, she meets a stranger (Marc Menchaca) who is at first seemingly harmless but gives Jessica a bad feeling. Although she trusts her gut and gets away, things soon turns sinister when he eventually catches up to her, kidnaps her and takes her to his cabin deep in the forest. She manages to escape into the wilderness, where she is not only forced to battle against the elements but tries to keep one step ahead as her pursuer closes in on her.

ScreenPicks' Kit Bowen spoke with Willcox and Menchaca about making this thriller, dealing with the cold, the rain and mud -- and giving their perspectives on their characters' motivations.

Menchaca (The Outsider; Ozark) talked about how even playing a real bad guy, he finds a way to justify his sadistic actions. "One of the easiest things to do for me is to make myself the protagonist. And that she is the one that is in the wrong. I always try to come from a positive place. I do play characters that aren't supposed to be that lovable. You have to find the humanity of the person. So, in order for me to have fun and root for my character, I try to find the positive in what he is doing."

The actor also said that during the shoot, which was done in sequence, they were able to experience all that the Pacific Northwest weather had to offer. “It was beautiful sometimes, but other times it was raining. It was muddy… there were definitely moments where it was tough. We were sort of a barebones film, out there running and gunning and shooting in the woods. We’d have to take a four-wheeler to get back into the local town. But it was great. We had a blast doing it. It provided some days that I’ll never forget.”

Willcox (Bloodline; Chicago P.D.) also had similar experience dealing with the elements – and with a broken foot, no less! Watch our exclusive interview below for more details.

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Watch the trailer for Alone and look for it everywhere on Friday, September 18!