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Thought-Provoking Discussion About The World to Come

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Thought-Provoking Discussion About <I>The World to Come</i>

by Kit Bowen 09 February, 2021

In The World to Come, Katherine Waterston and Vanessa Kirby turn in beautiful performances as two women who find love and hope in a bleak and isolated landscape.

Set in the 19th century Northeast, Abigail (Waterston), a lonely farmer’s wife, is grieving over a family tragedy, and while her husband Dyer (Casey Affleck) does his best to provide, he lacks the empathy and companionship she craves. 

When new neighbors Tallie (Kirby) and her husband Finney (Christopher Abbott) arrive, however, the two women gravitate towards each other, and their friendship eventually turns into a romance. Their intimacy begins to fill a void in each other's lives they never knew existed.

ScreenPicks’ Kit Bowen had a wonderful discussion with Katherine Waterston and director Mona Fastvold about the film, talking about how loneliness and isolation, as well as mundane routines, is something that continues to resonate today – and about how women in the 1800s could find themselves in these intense and beautiful relationships.

Watch the interview below and look for The World to Come in theaters on February 12 and on digital March 2!