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Interview: Carlos Gutierrez Talks Being Locked In

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Interview: Carlos Gutierrez Talks Being <I>Locked In</I>

by Landon Johnson 04 May, 2021

While we’ve all experienced being locked down during the past year under COVID quarantines, writer/director Carlos Gutierrez gives us the thriller Locked In, in which Mena Suvari is trapped in a storage facility with her daughter during a heist gone wrong.

In this innovative, edge of your seat thriller, Gutierrez does an excellent job keeping the audience engaged and guessing throughout its fun 90-minute runtime. While it may seem redundant that most of the story does take place inside a storage facility, it’s still exciting thanks to Gutierrez’s superb screenplay and direction. 

On a recent press day, ScreenPicks' Landon Johnson caught up with the Cuban-American filmmaker to talk about his directorial debut, working with Suvari, and some fun projects he has coming up in the future. Gutierrez also shares interesting advice for aspiring filmmakers when making their first feature.

Watch the interview below and check out the trailer!

Locked In hits theaters on May 7th!